Tiny Tigers (ALL)
Ages 3-6

Tuesday-       4:30pm
Wednesday-   5:15pm
Friday-           6:00pm
Saturdays-     10:00am
Karate for Kids (White-Yellow)
Ages 7-12
Mondays-       5:00pm 
Wednesday-   5:45pm
Thursdays-     6:00pm
Saturdays-     10:30am
Karate for Kids (Camo-Blue)
Ages 7-12
Tuesdays-      5:45pm
Wednesdays-  4:30pm
Thursdays-     5:15pm
Fridays-         4:30pm 
Saturdays-     11:15am
Karate for Kids (Brown-Black Rec.)
Ages 7-12
Tuesdays-      5:00pm   
Wednesdays- 6:30pm
Fridays-         4:30pm
Saturday-      12:00pm
Karate for Kids (Black Dec.)
Ages 7-12
Wednesdays   7:15pm
Thursdays       6:45pm
Fridays           4:30pm(s) & 5:15
Saturdays       12:00pm
Teens (All Ranks)
Ages 13-17 
Mondays-       7:15pm
Tuesdays-      6:30pm
Thursdays-     7:30pm
Fridays-         6:30pm
Saturdays-     12:45pm  (FAMILY CLASS)
Adults (All Ranks) Mondays-       7:15pm
Tuesdays-      7:15pm
Thursdays-     7:30pm
Fridays-         6:30pm
Saturdays-     12:45pm  (FAMILY CLASS)
Leadership Mondays-       5:45pm
Instructor Saturdays After Classes
Swat and Delta  Every Other Saturday

-Students must bring all materials needed for class everyday
-Black Uniforms and/or ATA T-shirts with black workout pants & belts may be worn EVERY Friday
-ATA Fit Class---uniforms OR black T-shirts with black workout pants may be worn
-Any ATA T-shirt may be worn on Saturdays with uniform pants and belt
-Please keep children quiet while class is in session as not to disturb the other children
-ATA Black Belt Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen items
-No food or drink is permitted in uniform

ATA Black Belt Academy
420 S. Canfield-Niles Road
Austintown, OH 44515